#TechWatchbySeb - 1st Feb 2021 — Pac-Man is coming to Europe — #9

Pac-Man is coming to Europe

Feb 1st 2021

Hello my friends 🖐,

and welcome back to the Monday #TechWatchbySeb ☕️

Definitely, 2021 started strong for the European Tech Ecosystem. After seeing all the press around upcoming IPOs in Europe, we can also see strong M&A deals on the horizon. As always, US companies and banks are involved in the biggest deals happening in Europe, where we can see a trend of future large Tech firm emerging that will build up in the coming years.

But before starting to share with you the top 3 news that happened last week, I wanted to come back on an intriguing article published in the Harvard Business Review commenting the EU commission report “The EU’s Unsustainable Approach to Stakeholder Capitalism”. I don’t know what was the objective of such a report, but I kind of agree with the conclusion of the HBS article, and at some point, it is funny to see the confrontation between the Anglo-Saxon pragmatism and the European administration structure.

HBR Staff/Annie Spratt/Unsplash

“If the European Commission really wishes to increase business sustainability, it should take steps to make it easier, not harder, for European firms to raise, deploy, and return equity capital. It should turn its back on the report’s proposals, which are as poorly-grounded as the findings of short-termism trotted out to justify them.”

And you what do you think of this report ?

And now let’s discover what were the biggest events of the past week👍

🥇 The Berlin-based startup Signavio 🇩🇪 specialised in process automation has been acquired by SAP. The final amount of transaction has not been released but it is estimated at around $ 1,2Bn (link)

As a side note, SAP can be considered as the biggest Tech Market Cap in Europe ($ 131Bn). 🚀

🥈 The Danish startup Peakon 🇩🇰 which has developed a technology to capture real-time employee sentiment data has been acquired by the US company Workday for $ 700M (link)

🥉 Another Polish Tech Company InPost 🇵🇱 successfully managed its IPO that valued the company at $ 3,2Bn. The company is now listed on the Amsterdam Stock exchange (link).

The company was already listed in the European Tech IPO observatory released in January as an expecting IPO for 2021. Congrats to the team and also to the Polish ecosystem. As a reminder Last year the Polish company Allegro succeeded the largest European Tech IPO. 👏 (link to the European Tech IPO Observatory #1)

That’s it for this week, wishing you a great week ahead🖐

Stay safe ❤️

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Founder & CEO @earlymetrics #1 rating agency for tech companies! Proudly European & Open to the world. #TechWatchbySeb & European Tech IPO Observatory

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Sebastien Paillet

Sebastien Paillet

Founder & CEO @earlymetrics #1 rating agency for tech companies! Proudly European & Open to the world. #TechWatchbySeb & European Tech IPO Observatory

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